WellVET Weekend

AVS sports weekend for grown ups; sports and wellbeing workshops with a fantastic gala dinner…

VetLed have joined up with Vetsnet to realise a vision I had for a weekend of fitness, fun and re-fuelling mind, body and soul, and thus the WellVet Weekend was born.  This summer in the stunning setting of Girton College, Cambridge we’ll be hosting vets and nurses for running, cycling, rugby, yoga, wellbeing workshops and much more, with some great social times organised.

Our gala dinner will include a motivational speaker who is both a vet and unparalleled in his sporting achievement; to have run FURTHER than Forrest Gump!  Rob Pope is who completed the Forrest Gump run of over 15,000 miles across the USA.  Wellvet weekend will be one of the first opportunities you will have to hear about his incredible endeavours.

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