Student / New Grad Support

Student wellbeing – Student Minds is the UK’s student mental health charity, with loads of great blogs, help and information, as well as tips and advice on peer support – helping us to help each other.  The Association of Veterinary Students has a useful welfare page with links to resources

EMS – maximise the usefulness of EMS by downloading and presenting a copy of our completed EMS forms for small animal, equine and farm practice.  Think about concentrating on client communication and management (the VDS says 80% of claims contain an element of communication breakdown and that many involve recent graduates); and a few core skills to make you more practice ready.  The BVA has an EMS guide including how to find specialist and overseas placements.

Exam survival guide – blogs, exam tips and our exam-busting smoothie recipe.

First Job tips – How to interview your interviewer – ensure you get a supportive, progressive first job.  Who to speak to.  What to look out for.

Mentoring / New Grad Schemes – Basically, make sure you have support!  Read our guide to mentoring; it’s important to have a robust scheme in place and to be a good mentee to get the most out of it.  Also info about new grad schemes, both corporate and independent.

Careers – options and opinions.  Create a CV suited to your ideal job.

FAQ’s – Contact Us with your questions and we’ll create them as topics for members to answer.

Finances – Yuck!  Couldn’t we all do without these worries!  Student minds has a page dedicated to student finances, including budgeting advice, how to deal with problems such as gambling, and links to resources.  As of June 2017 The Student Loans Company has confirmed with the Dept. of Education that vet courses are considered ‘long course’ degrees, therefore increasing loan available to help cover the extra costs of EMS. Read more here

Need help sorting your finances and debt – VIN Foundation in the USA have a Student Debt Centre, with a lot of great advice applicable worldwide.

Look for discussions on these issues on our Engage page.  Or join the new graduate support network on Facebook

BE INFORMED before you take the plunge!