Do you want to thrive, not just survive – mentally, financially, clinically? Need advice as a student? There are a huge number of resources available and this aim of this website is to collate, summarise and increase accessibility to everyone in the veterinary industry. There is always a solution if you are willing and able to seek it. If you have any information to add or testimonials which may help others, please contact us.

Psychological Support – Advice and support on wellbeing and health issues, including links to some excellent resources.

Financial Support – struggling with student loan, attempts to step onto the housing ladder, practice finance?… this page contains advice and details of financial help.

Employer Support – advice and support for employers; including  practice wellbeing, leadership, effective communication, mentoring etc.

Foreign Support – advice and support for foreign vets looking to move to the UK, or already living and working here.

Client management – advice on communication, engaging with the public, and managing your expectations of practice life.

Complaints – How to deal with them, RCVS procedures, support systems etc.

Students/New Grads – Resources for improving student welfare, getting the most out of EMS, and preparing for life in practice.  We’ll help you to get through vet school and get ready for the start of your career.

Careers – what are the options, opportunities and pitfalls?  Also blogs from vets in practice – the good, the bad and the ugly.