Vet Futures

Ambition 6 – Leadership

To lead well, develop leaders and speak with one purpose on behalf of the profession and to society at large.

Leadership development has often been left as an afterthought in our profession.  This ambition highlights the need to value leadership, to encourage convergence and cooperation among leaders, to identify potential leaders early in their career and give them appropriate support, and to encourage diversity.  Leadership should be strong and influential to speak on behalf of the profession and advocate the importance of vet science as a knowledge-based discipline to the population at large.

It goes on to highlight the mismatch between how the public value our profession and our perception of how they do – they think better of us than we think they do, but this tends to be in a clinical setting rather than our wider contribution.

It also discusses the current disconnect between different sections of the profession, believed to result in a lack of joined-up thinking and, as a consequence, a perceived loss of influence.  Maybe it is this that has put people off leadership roles… and this latter point is the final take-home message.  Leaders of tomorrow need to be encouraged and nurtured if we are to drive the profession forwards in a united, coherent, future-proof, resilient, effective and dynamic direction.

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