Vet Futures

Ambition 3 – Wellbeing of Veterinary Professionals

“That all members of the veterinary team are confident, resilient, happy, healthy and well-supported”.

Building on the foundations of Vetlife and Vetminmatters the areas to combat stress and improve life balance “rather than the difficulties of work needing to be balanced by the positivity of ‘other life’, work can and should be an enjoyable and rewarding part of living”.

The following recommendations are identified:

  • “Deliver a coordinated, well-funded and evidence-based approach to mental health and wellbeing for the veterinary team
  • Review the approach to recruiting and selecting veterinary and veterinary nursing students to ensure adequate support, improve wellbeing and manage expectations
  • Deliver peer support and/or mentoring in all UK vet schools and improve support for vets post-graduation
  • Develop support for overseas-graduated veterinary surgeons working in the UK, who may not have benefitted from the same undergraduate support as UK students
  • Develop tools and services to help veterinary employers make working environments more supportive for everyone”

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