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Traditionally, we’re a reactive profession.  In a modern era moving at an exponentially rapid rate, we need to start being PROACTIVE and future-proofing.  Join the debate and get involved… before the change happens and you wish you’d had your say earlier.

We’re summarising the RCVS/BVA joint initiative to encourage the veterinary profession to take control of its destiny.  It seeks to discover, alongside members, how the veterinary profession can remain sustainable and relevant, while maintaining animal health and welfare at its heart.  The report is, full of good stuff but long, and being time poor it’s hard to read it all.  Our BRIEF guide is intended to get you thinking and involved even in your tea break.  It is not a full summary.  For the full report and most importantly to give YOUR VIEW go direct to or download the full report here

Ambition 1 – Animal Welfare

Upon registration with the RCVS, vets and veterinary nurses declare: ‘…ABOVE ALL, my constant endeavour will be to ensure the health and welfare of animals committed to my care.’  Veterinary leadership on animal welfare was the most important goal cited for 2030.  Read MORE

Ambition 2 – Roles in Society  Click on page 2

Ambition 3 – Wellbeing of Veterinary Professionals Click on page 3

Ambition 4 – Veterinary Careers Click on page 4

Ambition 5 – Sustainable, user-focussed businesses Click on page 5

Ambition 6 – Leadership Click on page 6

Take-home message – Click on page 7

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