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Issues affecting Vet nurses, plus the blog from the Travelling Vet Nurse on working overseas


Or do you feel undervalued? An RCVS survey found that 33 per cent of veterinary nurses felt there was a lack of respect for their profession from vets or management and 54 per cent felt undervalued (Williams M., Robinson D., (2014The 2014 RCVS Survey of the Veterinary Nurse ProfessionInstitute for Employment Studies).  

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In the 2014 RCVS survey the top issues for veterinary nurses were better pay (85%), more respect (45%), work-life balance (38%) and career progression (33%).  Jill Macdonald recently wrote about veterinary nursing retention in Practice Life Magazine.  Here’s a summary of her article


In 2013 a wellbeing survey was carried out amongst BVNA members.  Over 1200 responded.  The results make interesting and concerning reading; stress is extremely common. “Managing finances and making professional mistakes were the main reported contributors to stress. Good clinical outcomes and working with animals were the greatest sources of satisfaction. Number of hours worked and work place relationships were associated with less favourable working conditions.”

But, a lot can happen in 4 years – are the stressors today the same as they were then?  The explosion in social media usage may mean we’d ask some different questions.  Contact us to let us know your stressors and we’ll do our best to find the resources to help / drive change.  Or we’d love to hear how you have overcome difficulties in your career – send us a blog so others can learn from your experiences.



One advantage of a qualification in veterinary nursing is the ability to take your skills overseas and experience different countries and cultures.  Want to know what it’s like?  Read the blog by the Travelling Vet Nurse here currently working in Australia!

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