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Vets: Stay, Go, Diversify LIVE Virtual Dreamcatcher

So if you were lucky enough to attend VSGD LIVE and have been inspired, the important thing is to take your dream and now catch it.

Download your virtual dreamcatcher below, type in your dream, then save it as your phone wallpaper, print it out and stick it to your bathroom mirror, or have it made into a fridge magnet.  Reminders area powerful!

Dream Catcher Yellow

Dream Catcher Pink

Dream Catcher Blue

Remember, the end goal can seem difficult, even impossible.  But start with step one, then step two… and so on until you get there.  Yes, there will be challenges, but they won’t be daunting if you keep them bitesize.

And ensure you have support.  In this age of networking you have unparalleled access to resources.  Make use of these, and connect with people who can help you.

If you’re not a member, join the VSGD community for ideas and support.

Feel Blog


I am in the room but absent. I have a small troll standing on my chest, squeezing my lungs. I think I’m sleeping ok- I’m not really sure- but I feel fatigued. I do exercise but there’s not the usual buzz. I tell myself hourly to enjoy my surroundings, my children, my life, but it’s forced. I laugh because I should. I smile when I’m supposed to. I’m professional because I’m on auto-pilot. Joy has gone. Existence remains. Continue reading


Mentoring – One aim of the Vet Futures initiative (pg38) is to create an intra-professional mentoring scheme.  Some pilot schemes are currently underway (e.g. University College Dublin, click here for info).  Would you like to take part in a mentoring scheme post graduation?  Have your say on our forum

The Vets Christian Fellowship offer an informal mentoring scheme to provide support to members.

If you have connected well with a vet during EMS,  or a fellow student a year or two ahead of you, you could request they provide you with peer support when you graduate.

What are your views on mentoring?  Do you think it would be helpful?  Necessary even, especially in relation to the PDP phase?  Have your say on our forums.


Rumination is an entirely detrimental waste of time with no benefits for anybody.  Mistakes are inevitable, but if we learn from them and move forward better and stronger then everybody gains.  There are hidden dangers to ruminating; adverse effects on both physical and mental health.  Click here for more information

Thrive Global have a good blog on How to Fight Negativity and Kickstart Self-Worth

Psychology Today has a couple of great blogs on ruminating.  Here’s an excerpt from one:

“Replaying conversations in your head or imagining catastrophic outcomes over and over again isn’t helpful. But solving a problem is.

Ask yourself whether your thinking is productive. If you are actively solving a problem, such as trying to find ways to increase your chances of success, keep working on solutions.

If, however, you’re wasting your time ruminating, change the channel in your brain.  Acknowledge that your thoughts aren’t helpful, and get up and go do something else for a few minutes to get your brain focused on something more productive.”  Read the full article here for great information on how to stop yourself from worrying.