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My skill set

I’m not a people-person, so I work in shelter medicine and ECC because there are fewer clients.  I am, however, a good communicator so I like the freedom both of these settings give me to discuss cases fully and thoroughly with staff and owners.  I am pragmatic and good under pressure at multi-tasking and prioritising, hence ECC.  I do not have a plant-brain (more addled mummy-brain) so the 10 minute consult where you have to access minute detail in the pigeon holes of your mind don’t work well for me any more.  I am quite a visual person and have good 3D memory, so I’m good at imaging – I can usually work out what I’m looking at intuitively.  I can also differentiate the pink/purple blobs under the microscope quite effectively, so my current job description is:

Imaging and cytology working for an animal shelter and a local first opinion veterinary hospital out of hours clinic.  I LOVE my job, but that’s because I discovered my strengths early on, developed them and now use them for the majority of my work.  Having a practice that supports and recognises individual skill and talent works well for both parties.  I still do all the other GP vet stuff, but the balance is firmly in favour of what I’m good at!