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Exam Survival

I had just had E-NOUGH of revision.  6 years of jam-packed timetables, then a 6 week block at the end with nothing but grim revision… I was stir crazy by the end of the first week, and threatening to quit!  My brain just couldn’t hack the monotony of cramming day after day.

So, I broke up my day:

6am: wake up, revise with a cup of tea for a couple of quiet, productive hours.  Phone off!

8am: stop, eat a good breakfast, chat to housemates for half an hour

8.30-11am: revise. Phone off!

11am: Enough!  No more!  Can’t hack it any more!!!  Stop for half an hour and make a revision super smoothie.  Half an hour of chilling with social media.

11.30am: cycle to vet school library and revise until 1pm.  Phone off!

1-2pm: lunch with the library crowd.  Preferably outside.  Often followed by a nap for half an hour in the sun!

2-4pm: revise in the library.  Phone off!

4-5.30pm: go for a run / do some exercise of some form then cycle home, shower

5.30-7pm: final bit of revision. Phone off!

7pm: make dinner.  Sit on sofa with housemates, watching utterly mindless television.  Big Brother… Real housewives… Eastenders….

10pm: bedtime, utterly relaxed and brain able to process all the information from earlier.

It worked for me… although I later learnt that anyone in the library after 8pm became part of the mutual massage club.  They would take it in turns to massage each others’ shoulders and neck.  Missed a trick there!

Other friends decamped to coffee shops.  Some went home to their parents.  I went up to the Lake District to a practice where I’d seen lots of EMS… I sat and went through their X-ray library and went out on calls for a break… I even did my first solo cow C-section during my revision period.  I learnt more there than I did in the library.

The day before my first exam I went for a deep tissue back massage at 2pm and did no revision afterwards.  It was a great decision – I was fresh and relaxed for exams, and had much better perspective.

Exam Survival Guide

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