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Sport and chronic pain

Did you know 1 in 7 people suffer from chronic pain?   On a recent bike ride we met Cambridge based entrepreneurs who have set up a cycle clothing company, alongside a 1 in 7 campaign to raise awareness of low impact exercise as a tool to manage chronic pain.  “There is no question that the psychological and physical effects of cycling is an essential part of staying resilient and coping with this immensely challenging condition“, Daphne Kaufhold, founder of ‘This is Cambridge’.  This came after I heard recent BBC Radio 2 feature where a GP took his chronic pain patients off drugs (10’s of pills per day) and prescribed exercise instead.  Patients interviewed said there was no deterioration in the perceived degree of pain after stopping medication, and the exercise helped them to cope and improved their sleep and overall wellbeing.  It’s not a cure, but a tool to manage.