SINK OR SWIM?  Is it water off a duck’s back?

Resilience has been described as :

“The capacity to maintain personal control and robust attitudes in the face of challenging events and behaviours.” Professor Mowbray


VDS training offer resilience workshops

The Webinarvet has several webinars on resilience topics

The RVC are running a 4 day Webinar Plus course on resilience in June 2018

The Open University runs a FREE course for developing career resilience


Developing Resilience to Survive in Practice is a BVA blog written by Carolyne Crowe, explaining what resilience is and the fact it is not something we’re born with, but a process we have to work on.

Jenny Moffat of Skills Tree wrote for Vet Times on Resilience and Thriving in Practice

Resilience vs. improving practice:

Do we need to steel ourselves and become mentally tougher to deal with the challenges of practice life… or is enough, finally enough and should we be changing the way practice works for the betterment of its members?  The latter will take time, so we need to encourage the former so our workforce doesn’t burn out in the interim.  Join the debate – comment below or on our forums

Or have your say and take part in this RCVS Mindmatters survey on stress and resilience in practice.

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