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    Helen Tottey, RVN and consultant said: “Thinking about well-being, it has to be the whole practice team and not just the clinical teams. When training and talking to many reception teams, you learn these people generally come from outside of the vet industry – NHS, retail, finance, a whole host of jobs – and with that an experience of how other industries work and are supported.

    “What they are always surprised about is how lacking in training their new vet industry role is. Training is minimal (there is the kettle, phone and computer…) and support for what they will see is generally non-existent.

    “So whatever we should be doing better for our clinical teams we should not forget the non-clinical teams who come into this environment with more rose-tinted glasses, but who go home at night worrying about things they have heard and seen – but don’t speak out as they don’t feel they can.” Read the full article on Work-Life balance published in Vet Times