UPDATE: Newsletters Have Moved

OUR POPULAR KEEP IN TOUCH NEWSLETTERS HAVE MOVED!  I’m excited to announce we’ve collaborated with Arlo at Vetsurgeon.org and Vetnurse.co.uk to take this great resource to a wider audience.  Now rebranded as NEED TO KNOW, they are exactly the same format.  Signup now on either of the sites to receive the monthly newsletter.

Keep up to date with disease, drug and treatment trends, and topical news. These e-newsletters are written by vets in practice, collating all the pertinent changes to practice life. Useful to practicing vets and nurses, but also intended to aid transition back into practice after an extended break – a long holiday, parental leave, sabbatical, PhD…

Entirely FREE, subscribe and you will receive a single monthly email with Small Animal, Large Animal and Equine sections to the newsletter.

Don’t forget to log them as CPD! If it takes you 15min a month to read through, that’s 3 hours a year 😉


Feb 2018 e-newsletter

Jan 2018 KiT e-Newsletter

Dec 2017 KiT e-Newsletter

Nov 2017 KiT e-Newsletter

We would welcome sponsorship and advertising on these newsletters; to go enable us to create more resources and upgrade the website.  Thank you!

Many thanks to our busy vet contributors.  Read their bio’s here:

Equine – Aoife Bakonyi Byrne

Farm – Rachel Tennant

Small animal – Liz Barton


9 thoughts on “UPDATE: Newsletters Have Moved”

    1. Hi Joanne,
      Did you get my previous email?
      Thanks for getting in touch. To subscribe to the newsletter you have to register with Vetsnet at http://www.vetsnet.net, and select the check box to subscribe during the registration process. I can’t see your name on the subscribers list. Let me know if you have any problems joining vetsnet and then signing up for the newsletters.

  1. Hi I am registered with you. How do I get these newsletters emailed to me? Good work, really like October’s 🙂

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