Exam Tips

  1. Answer the question – only the question.  Don’t just write everything you know related to the subject, but approach it as problem solving.  If a client came to you with the same question, what would you say to them?
  2. Think like a vet, not a student.  For final year exams, especially vivas, there may be a range of right answers.  These are conversations that may take different directions depending on your answers.  Listen to what the examiner is asking – they may ask leading questions looking for a specific answer.  Don’t worry if you don’t get that ‘mark’.  Keep information relevant, sensible, SAFE comments.
  3. Treat revision as preparation for practice life.  Make notes in a way that you can refer to them easily in that difficult consult, or when you nip back to the car on a farm for a ‘jab’.  This will make your revision worthwhile in the long term, and keep you mind on the context of preparing for a vocation, not just an exam.

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