April 2017

RCVS published its 3 core principles that will guide its approach to Brexit.  These are:
1) vital veterinary work continues to get done [especially as we rely on foreign EU nationals for a significant proportion of our workforce]
2) high standards of animal health and welfare remain and improve
3) the RCVS is a global force for good

Read Vet Times article for more details

Each year around 50% of veterinary surgeons registering to practise in the UK are from overseas, with the vast majority coming from the EU.

News update 26th April 2017: The Govt has rejected the Lords HE Bill amendment to remove students from the net migration target.  How this may adversely affect overall student numbers and university funding is concerning.

What about British students studying in the EU?  In a recent article in Vet Times 3 April one student studying in Slovakia felt ‘abandoned’ by the RCVS, with no attempt made to contact or reassure them.  Chris Tufnell, RCVS President said “if the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications directive is not retained, the college will continue to consider the options of accrediting EU schools itself or base its acceptance on European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education accreditation”.

What is the profession doing?

The BVA have setup a Brexit Working Group.  By April 2017 it aims to produce a report detailing BVA’s lobbying position and highlighting opportunities and solutions to the challenges the profession may face.

The RCVS has set up a Brexit Taskforce, working closely with the BVA’s group.

What can YOU do?

Sign the petition to simplify permanent residency for EU nationals here, but hurry – you only have until 00.01 3rd May

BVA and RCVS are actively seeking vets’ views on Brexit.

ENGAGE in the conversation with your views on our forum

Or, post on the BVA’s community site: What do you think Brexit could mean for the veterinary profession?

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