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Sport Combats Stress Study

“Did you know:

  • vets are 3-4 times more likely than the general population to die by suicide?
  • 38.7% of vet students have experienced suicidal thoughts?

These figures are real and taken from the VetFutures project.

Stress is one of the key contributors to depression rates, and it seems the veterinary profession is particularly susceptible. This includes vets, nurses and students!


Wise words from Andy Rose and Renate Weller who are carrying out a study looking into the link between perceived stress and amount of exercise taken within the veterinary profession.

The data gathering phase has ended, but we hope to publish their results soon

Dr. Google; Friend or Foe?

Is Dr. Google good or bad for us as vets, or our clients?  With some guidance, the internet can be helpful for owners and a useful tool for vets.  We are no longer the source of information, but we are able to curate and apply the correct information in context.

There is a good blog on how to deal with Dr. Google on the Recruit4vets webpage; which summarises:

On balance, I believe the internet has far more positive than negative to offer the veterinary profession and their clients: what do you think?

They include a link to a survey by Colorado State university, stating “we are currently trying to find out information about how pet owners use the internet for pet health information. Little research has looked at the use of the internet by pet owners in relation to pet health and therefore we would like to investigate this area in more detail. We feel that more research would help inform veterinarians and develop detailed guidelines for pet owners who wish to find more information on the internet”. Please complete this short questionnaire .