Vetsnet.net is designed to promote wellbeing amongst all members of the veterinary profession.  Vetsnet is the creation of working vet and mum, Liz Barton, to fulfil needs experienced personally and seen amongst friends and colleagues in working life.  Set up as a not for profit social enterprise it includes the following aims:

ENGAGE. In the last decade society has changed beyond recognition with the advent of social media.  We live in increasingly noisy times, where immediacy is the key to many assets.  Financial pressures are increasing dramatically for the next generation.  The veterinary profession itself is changing, becoming increasingly feminized, commercialised, with a rise in client expectation and complaints.  New vet schools have formed, referral centres are increasing in size and number, Brexit looms…  We all (should) have opinions on these issues and engage in how the profession responds, but we are all time poor and have plenty else to do.  Vetsnet seeks to summarise these issues in News and Views, encourage positive feedback and solution finding from its members, and feedback to the RCVS/ BVA / Vet Futures team to direct the future of the profession for its members.

SUPPORT.  Experiencing the pressures of the veterinary profession first hand, I have a  growing interest in the mental and social health of the profession at a time when this is becoming an increasingly hot topic.  There are a great many excellent resources available, but uptake and awareness seems poor.  Vetsnet provides an online resource to summarise and increase access to the many forms of help available.

VETSPORTS. Many of us enjoy sport.  My practice organises small scale in house sports events, but it would be fun to make this profession-wide.  By joining the Vetsnet Strava group members can compare and contrast activities, and create and join challenges.  Members sports blogs and sponsored events can be posted on the page to increase reach and celebrate achievements, big or small.  Sport is an important element of physical and mental health and we want to encourage participation in and social interaction through sport.

VETMUMS. We mums like a good gossip, and what better when you’re on maternity leave than to hook up with fellow vet mums on our forum?  However, the transition back into practice after an extended break (even a less sleep-deprived one than parental leave), can be a difficult time.  New drugs on the shelves, changes in drug licences, new disease trends, new treatment recommendations…. it’s very difficult to keep up with it all.  We want provide succinct monthly newsletters summarising the most significant of these changes.  Whether you’re on a sabbatical, completing a PhD, travelling the globe, or sat at home amongst piles of nappies and daytime TV, our newsletters will aim to have you practice ready in minutes (soon to be launched).

Contact Us if you think we could do things better/differently, or if you want to see additional pages and services.  Make this your site.